Hello, my name is Peter. I read other programmers’ blogs regularly. Reading about interesting topics, problems, and challenges other people face is not only enjoyable, but has also proven to be really useful as well. I can’t count how many times I was saved from hours of debugging/investigating  becuase I recalled something I have read on some blog. Some guy writes a blog post, some other guy in a different part of the world reads it, and finds it helpful. At the end of the day, better software gets written. Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

I started this blog to write about problems and phenomenona I find interesting. I’m also hoping to be useful to some other guy.

But anyway, I digress. Here’s some info about me (this is an about page after all):

  • I hold a BSc degree in Computer Engineering
  • I work as a (C++) programmer
    • I work on a huge desktop application, that is shipped to both Windows and OS X
    • My day job involves low level(ish) things, so most of my blog posts cover topics in that area
  • My preferred operating system is Windows, but I’m interested in OS X and POSIX systems as well

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